photo-a-day 29-31

I made it to the end of the month! I didn’t do so great at posting regularly, though, so I’m waffling on the February list. Here are the last three entries for the month.

29: Window
Papa loves sitting on this bench and watching the birdies. It’s also a prime sunbathing spot.

30: Best invention ever
Blizzard ice cream cake. Today was my birthday (YAY!!!!)  and we celebrated in a delicious way–this is no ordinary ice cream cake, friends. It’s regular ice cream cake plus a yummy layer of Blizzard ice cream. In this case, we went with peanut butter cup pie. And it. is. DIVINE.

31: Polka dot
This funky broom makes the tedious task of sweeping a teensy bit more fun. Emphasis on teensy.

I can’t believe January is already over. It flew by!


4 thoughts on “photo-a-day 29-31

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Christine! Hope you had a wonderful day, that ice cream cake…oh, my does it look yummy! Love the first picture and that broom is cool. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Papa.

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