photo-a-day: 6-11

6. Happens everyday
At the Munt house, we make the bed every day. I always had to as a kid and the habit has stuck in adulthood. There’s just something so satisfying about crawling into a nicely made bed every night.

7. Upside down
Mr. Phish had Friday off, and he was kind enough to do some of the dishes. I say some, because Mr. Phish never does all the dishes. He washes about 90% and leaves the grodiest 10% for me. I try to just be grateful for the 90%.

8. Lucky number
20 has been my lucky number since I was in fifth grade. It was the number my first love wore in football (he was a 7th grader) and it’s been good to me ever since then.

9. Natural
Our floors are solid hickory from the forests of Maine, which is about as natural as it gets.

10. Manmade
I’ve had very few cravings in the last 6 months, but lately, I can’t seem to get enough Hawaiian Fruit Punch. I’m sure it’s awful for you and full of all kinds of gross things, but I am downing this stuff at an alarming pace.

11. Looking down
I was going to take a picture looking down at my shoes but, sadly, I can’t really see my shoes very well anymore. So here’s the view looking down at darling Genevieve.


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