january photo-a-day: 1-5

Instead of posting a photo every day, I’m going to post my photo-a-day pictures in chunks. I’ll try to keep the narrative to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves. But you know I love to tell a good story…

1. Lunch
Leftover barbecue chicken flatbread pizza. Delish. And a cherry Icee. Icees are one of the only major cravings I’ve had during this pregnancy. Even as the weather has dipped below zero, I still crave them like crazy.

2. Begins with g
Couldn’t resist this shot of Genevieve on her Christmas present–a squishy, soft bed that she just sinks into.

3. My town
We’ve only lived here about two and a half years, so I don’t quite consider Des Moines to be my town. But it’s growing on me.

4. Word to live by
I’m a professed word nerd, so choosing just one wasn’t gonna happen. I’ve had this quote on my fridge since last January and it’s staying put for another year. It was absolutely true last year and I have no doubt will be this year as well.

5. Found
This little orange tabby found his way to our deck and I’ve been feeding him every day. He’s very skittish but quite charming. We’ve named him Henry. I’m hopeful we can befriend him and eventually welcome into Casa de Munt. It’s what Otis would have wanted.


6 thoughts on “january photo-a-day: 1-5

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeding the orange tabby. I hope Otis conveys to him that it’s safe to trust you. My mom was born in Des Moines and though she moved to California at the age of 5, she was always proud of coming from Iowa.

  2. I just love orange tabbies. Make him a little box-house with an old bed from your babies…get him used to their scent…oh how I want him to come inside. It’s been so cold…

    • I know. I sit and talk to him while he eats and I can see the fear in his eyes. Sometimes Mooster comes over to the door and I want him to tell Henry that inside is the best thing ever and he’ll never have to be afraid again.

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