our year in review: 2013

I’ve managed to repair some of the damage done to my blog, restoring photos for most of last year. The greater loss is from 2012, during which I was much more diligent at blogging. As I was reuploading photos, I found some wonderful reminders of the trials and triumphs of 2013.

In January, we traveled to Denver to say goodbye to my grandmother. We all wore purple, her favorite color.
In February, we threw my little brother a wonderful surprise party for his 30th birthday. It was beaver fever, complete with giant beaver cake!
In March, we celebrated a wonderful accomplishment, as my mom was named Businesswoman of the Year by her peers. There was a fancypants ceremony and the celebration continued with the afterparty.
March also brought March Beardness, baby! Sadly, the experiment only lasted a few weeks, as Mr. Phish wimped out and shaved just when things were starting to get sexy.
April brought another fun-filled Easter celebration with my family. Moo handily beat the grown-ups at the egg hunt. Girl’s got skills.
May brought one of my favorite moments of the year: Tater’s birth. Unlike Moo, I didn’t need to travel across time zones to see her, and I held her when she was less than an hour old. I’ve never been so proud of my little sister.
June and July sort of blur together, but the high points include our day! of! fun! and barbecue and many trips to the farmer’s market.
In July, we also lost our sweet Walter. I still expect to see his slobbery face every time I walk into my parents’ garage.
In August, we bought our house and found out we were pregnant, all within a week’s time.
In September, we closed on the house and the overhaul began. I mastered the art of wallpaper stripping and marveled at Mr. Phish’s secret handy side. We had several wonderful work weekends and so much help from my parents. Even Moo pitched in!
October was a busy month. We finally moved in, and my mom and I headed north for a fun weekend in Minneapolis. We split our time between shopping for the house and for the babe.
In October, we also shared the baby news in a creative way.
DSC_0543And we said goodbye to beloved Otis.
November brought the annual store open house, with extra help this year from Tater.
Mr. Phish and I stayed put for Thanksgiving, and enjoyed a lazy day of food and boogie time.
The year ended with a flurry of activity. After three months of the cardboard floor, our hardwood floors were finally installed (read about that adventure here, here and here).
We also got to see our baby boy for the first time at my 20-week ultrasound. It’s still sinking in.
We made a quick trip to Nebraska for Christmas and enjoyed the mayhem of my mom’s house with all the kids and grandkids and dogs, plus my parents’ two darling kittens, Linus and Lucy.
We enjoyed a low-key new year’s eve with Scrabble and an attempt at chocolate fondue.
2013 was a life-changing year for the Munts, as we bought our first home and found out that our family of furkids will soon include a real, live kid. The year was also full of family time, as we made many trips to Nebraska and my parents came for endless work weekends.

2014 promises to be similarly life-changing and I’m hoping to do a better job of documenting that on the blog. We’ll see if baby Munt goes along with those plans. Thanks for reading and for all of your likes and comments. I appreciate all of you!


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