20-week baby update

We are halfway through this whole crazy process. To honor this milestone, here’s a quick update. First, the picture:
I know what you’re thinking: what bump? I fail to understand how one can arrive at the halfway point of pregnancy and still not look pregnant. I’m still wearing regular clothes, people! It’s craziness. I know of these days the belly will pop. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Now, if you know anything about preggo-world, you know that 20 weeks isn’t just halfway. It is also the magical point at which you get an ultrasound to determine the baby’s sex.We both knew we wanted to find out rather than wait. Because I’m not a spring chicken, I got a more advanced ultrasound and it was wicked cool. Mr. Phish and I actually watched all four chambers of our baby’s heart beat. And then the tech clicked the mouse and we could see colors representing blood flow in and out of the heart. It was bizarre and wonderful and wild. We also saw fingers, toes, and a little bony spine.

This was one of our favorite shots:
This is also the pic that we sent to our parents and siblings to share the good news about little MISTER Munt!

That’s right. It’s a boy! I suspected it was, given that there are almost no female cousins in Mr. Phish’s family. But it’s still a shock. My sister has girls. My brother has a girl. I know how girls work. This little guy is already throwing me for a curve, and he’s not even here yet. And I fear he has his father’s ginormous forehead. Lord help us all.

I’ve been really good about emailing myself weekly updates through the first 20 weeks. Here are a few highlights from the first 20 weeks:

  • Most comfortable item of clothing: maternity tights from Old Navy. It seems odd, but I would wear these tights every day if I could. And most of my dresses are a-line or babydoll, so it works out.
  • Most intense craving: slushies (aka icees). On Thanksgiving night, I suddenly HAD to have one of these, and the craving has only intensified since then. The clerk at the gas station usually gives me a funny look, because the highs have only been in the single digits lately. But a girl’s gotta have what a girl’s gotta have.
  • Most annoying symptom: carpal tunnel syndrome. Beyond annoying. I spend most the hours in every day with tingly hands. They fall asleep when I sleep. They fall asleep when I’m driving. They fall asleep when I’m sitting on the couch. And it’s not like heartburn, where I just pop some Tums and life is okay again. There’s nothing I can do, and the doctor said it will only get worse as I get puffier. Yay.
  • One thing I miss the most: it’s a three-way tie between my beloved Moscato, ibuprofen, and coffee. Every few weeks, I try to drink coffee and every time, it makes me sick. I’ve resorted to drinking a Dr. Pepper before 11am every day. Desperate times…

Being pregnant is not my most favorite thing, but my attitude has improved considerably as the nausea has decreased and I can now stay up past 8:15 at night. The first 20 weeks have been a trip, and I’m sure the next 20 will be equally action-packed.

Bring on the baby name books and the nursery-themed Pinterest boards.


11 thoughts on “20-week baby update

  1. Thanks, for the update. It sounds like all is going well. Happy for you that the nausea has decreased. You are going to do just fine with that little guy when he arrives. You will learn all about boys real quick. : ) Hugs

  2. Congrats on reaching the half way mark. You look good. Hope your little mister brings you loads of joy and happiness.

    Ps: enjoy wearing regular clothes. I was able to get away with regular clothes until the very end.

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