we are thankful

Thanksgiving at the Munt household was delightfully lazy. Mr. Phish had to work late Wednesday night and obscenely early this morning (ah, the joys of retail), so we stayed put. I missed hanging out with my crazy family but I did not miss making the 6-hour round trip in one short day.

I made the whole big giant meal, and we snacked while we waited for Mr. Turkey. Mooster was especially fond of the white extra sharp cheddar.
I made enough food to feed a crowd, because Mr. Phish really loves Thanksgiving leftovers. Our first few years together, I made a smaller meal and he unapologetically ate every last piece of turkey, every single crumb of stuffing. I eventually learned my lesson and now I make an obscene amount of food for just two people.
But then I don’t have to cook for the rest of the weekend. Plus, I haven’t had enough oomph to do much cooking during the week, so it was fun to go all out. Added bonus: Mr. Phish was on dish duty!

But the highlight of the day was this:
I got it going first thing in the morning and managed to keep it going all day long. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

The boogies spent most of the day like this:
We are so blessed, with a lovely new home and a babe on the way, with amazing families, with good jobs and good health. Yesterday was a perfect day to celebrate those things and I think the fact that we didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything really allowed us to snuggle in and enjoy being together.

It was a good day. Right up until Mr. Phish’s alarm didn’t go off and he raced out of here at 3:15am. Ah, retail.

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