a spooky announcement

So I know Halloween was weeks ago but I’m a little behind the game. Things have been a little, um, hectic around here.

First, we bought a house! It’s amazing! And stressful! We closed in September and spent about a month and a half fixing it up. We painted every dang room in the house and tore up the carpet. We even stripped wallpaper (the previous owner really, really loved wallpaper). More on this later.

Second, and this is where the Halloween spookiness comes in, Halloween is a big deal at my job–the whole office participates and there’s a costume contest and a party. Last year, I dressed up as Waldo. This year, I took a different approach and used my costume to share some pretty big news.

So without further ado, here ’tis…
Please forgive this truly awful photo and the giant pumpkin over my face. It was taken at work in the least flattering light possible. It’s such an awful photo that several of my co-workers didn’t even recognize me. Blech.

But you get the point: I’m going to be a mummy! I am almost four months along and Baby Munt is scheduled to arrive late spring. Craziness!

I worked so hard at this costume and was so proud of myself for finding a creative way to share the news (and being brave enough to go out in public wrapped head to toe in white jersey fabric!). My favorite part was hands down my makeup. Here’s a close-up of my super cool bad-ass mummy eyes. Not bad for a girl whose daily makeup regimen is black mascara. Period. (P.S. That’s our new driveway/yard! Isn’t it great!?)
I’m going to try to get back to blogging, as I have a zillion before/after pictures of the house, and photos of Moo’s mermaid birthday party and Tater the tank and, of course, many priceless photos of our beloved boogies. So much to catch up on, friends!


17 thoughts on “a spooky announcement

  1. Oh, wow!! Congratulations on your new home and your going to me a mommy. Love the way you made the announcement and a great mummy costume and makeup. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home. Hugs

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