happy father’s day

I know the blog has been quiet lately. I’m going through some stuff and feeling like I’ve lost my way. But I can’t let today go by without celebrating my amazing dad. So let the waterworks begin.

My dad lost his dad when he was very young, in his 20s, so he had to figure out the fatherhood thing on his own. When I think about how much I have learned (and am still learning!) from my parents, even now, I can’t get my head around this loss. Losing his dad radically changed my dad’s life and shaped the kind of man and father and husband he became.
He is an amazing husband to my mom. They have grown up together and figured things out on their own. They didn’t have a ton of support when they were starting out, so they leaned on each other. 40 years after their wedding day, they are still leaning. They are the ultimate team and the consummate example of the whole marriage-is-like-holding-up-a-really-heavy-ceiling thing.

My siblings and I are very, very different, and my dad has a unique relationship with each of us. I think we all like to think that we’re his favorite, because he loves each of us with such devotion.

My brothers have always done the outdoorsy stuff with my dad. Hunting, fishing, sports.
I can clearly see my dad in both of my brothers. His kindness, his heart, his fierce love of family.

My sister and I are less outdoorsy and although she was a crazy aggressive little power forward, neither of us are too athletic. But we still have a close bond with my dad. He is a steady, solid, reliable voice in the din of life. He is the solid earth to my mom’s pure brilliant fire. He grounds all of us.
I have always felt proud that I look so much like him. I am proud of the round face and crinkly eyes and the fact that I couldn’t possibly belong to anyone else. (But my mom got her payback–every female grandbaby got her blond hair and dazzling blue eyes).

And just when I thought it was impossible to love my parents more, I see them as grandparents. Holy crap. They are SO MUCH FUN. My awesome dad is an awesome grandpa.
I mean, he’s not Grandma, but realistically, who can compete with Grandma? NO ONE.

But he tries. He sings songs and shares his ice cream and gives big pushes on the swings. And they love him for it.
I have always thought I had the most amazing parents ever. I said as much to a co-worker once and she rolled her eyes and said, “Just wait. I felt that way until I grew up. You’ll get over it.” But I won’t. They are amazing. Period.

Happy father’s day, Pops. You’re the best.

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