our day! of! fun!

I love to do stuff on the weekend. Shopping, cooking, baking, driving, looking at houses, exploring. I spend all week cooped up and on the weekend, I just want to do fun things to recharge my battery after a long week of work.

Mr. Phish also likes to do stuff on the weekend, but his list of stuff does not require one to leave the house or put on real pants. He loves to listen to music, play computer games, watch The Weather Channel and Matlock reruns, take naps and eat junk food.

So when he has the weekend off, we usually tend to compromise–I get one day for my stuff and he gets one day for his stuff. Of course, I can and most often do run errands on Sundays, just to get out of the house, but Mr. Phish stays home.

I also love to plan my days, so I go visit the Des Moines tourism site to check out the event calendar. And if nothing catches my eye there, I visit the Iowa tourism site. So when I came home from work last night with a page of events and directions, Mr. Phish just shook his head and smiled.

Around the Munt household, we affectionately refer to these days as Christine and Mr. Phish’s Day! of! Fun! (obscure Friends reference, anyone?). And today lived up to the hype.

We started out with a trip to our beloved farmer’s market. The Des Moines farmer’s market is unlike any I’ve ever been to. It’s huge and absolutely busting at the seams with food and music and booth after booth after booth (more than 300 vendors total). It is, hands down, one of my favorite things about DSM.  We enjoyed the requisite breakfast burrito and Mr. Phish picked up a week’s worth of apple cider donuts. I also bought a lovely bouquet of very fragrant flowers. I love smelly flowers.

After farmer’s market, we headed south to the Pleasantville Pig Out. Our love for barbecue is well-documented, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend the day sampling BBQ.

Pleasantville is a little town about 25 miles from Des Moines, but we felt 100 miles from the city.They block off the downtown square and the entire town shows up with camping chairs to spend the day checking out classic cars and eating amazing food.
The event was publicly judged, so for $5, you got to sample food from all 25 competitors. It was unreal.

There was pulled pork, chicken, pork loin, sausages, hot dogs, brisket, ribs, even turkey. We ate..
and ate and ate some more. And then, we judged.

It was smoky and crowded and delicious.
And then, if that wasn’t enough, we headed to Pella, home of Tulip Time. Our main objective in Pella? Pastries. Specifically, Dutch pastries.
The Dutch letters (the S-shaped ones on the right) were divine. Yep, you read that right. They’re gone now.

This was bakery stop number one. Pella actually has two Dutch bakeries. Of course, we couldn’t be snobby, so we patronized both.

We wandered around downtown, poking our heads into little shops and sitting on park benches. And then we headed home, marveling at the wide open spaces of rural Iowa. A wildly successful day! of! fun! Though I wish I had bought a dozen Dutch letters.

10 thoughts on “our day! of! fun!

  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! My husband is the same way…it’s hard sometimes…gotta drag him out into the world for interaction and fun! 🙂

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