hop on the meal train!

My sister is having a baby, like, any minute now. Her actual due date is just under two weeks away, but no one really thinks she’ll make it. Moo was one week early, and I think Tater will be early, too. You read right: her nickname is Tater. Don’t ask.

Obviously, I am SO SUPER EXCITED. Given my considerable obsession with Moo, I really just cannot wait to have another darling child to hug and kiss and generally claim as mine.

This pregnancy has been a little bit rough for my sister, and I haven’t been able to help her out much. With Moo’s pregnancy, we were still in Ohio, so I sent her care packages every month with that month’s number of items (so at seven months, she got a package with seven bibs). I found cute sleepers on sale and stocked up on binkies and blankies.

But this time around, there isn’t much to buy. They are having another girl (yippee!), so they are going to reuse most of Moo’s stuff for the Tater. The few things they did need, my sister just went out and bought herself. None fun for me.

Of course, I will make Tater a birth story book just like Moo’s. But I also wanted to do something else useful. A few months back, I created a meal train for a friend at work who was expecting twin boys. It’s a cool idea–you can enter the kinds of food they like or any allergies, as well as what time they eat and even a map to the house.

I mentioned the meal train to my sister and she was stunned. Apparently, people don’t bring food anymore. She said not a single person brought a meal when they had Moo. (You can see where this is going, can’t you?)

One devoted sister who loves to cook + a wide-open weekend = Aunt Shisshy’s meal train (chooooo! choooooo!).

I made a trip to the grocery store, list in hand.
My sister is a notoriously picky eater, so most of the meals I chose are nothing fancy (read: no vegetables). I also opted to put the meals together and then freeze them raw, so she can defrost and cook them herself. So it was really a process of assembling.

I kicked off the day with a Mueri staple: cowgirl frito dip. I learned to make this dish over a campfire when I was a wee Girl Scout and it has had a permanent place in my recipe box since then. Every scoop takes me right back to that campfire, in the best possible way.

I also made a double batch of one of my mom’s most coveted meals: cheesy potatoes and ham balls. All of the Mueri children have the recipe for these potatoes, but none of us are able to replicate her potatoes. I maintain there are secret ingredients, withheld so that we will always, always put her cheesy potatoes on a pedestal. Double batch means we get to share the ham ball love! Ham balls sound (and look) grody, but they are beyond delicious.

I also chose a few new recipes from one of my sister’s go-to food sites: kraftrecipes.com. The recipes aren’t exactly low-fat, but they are cheesy and buttery. Yummmm.

After 8 hours of cooking, I ended up with this:
But the mountain of dishes was worth it, because I also ended up with this:
All in all, a pretty darn productive Saturday.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap.


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