bird watching

One of (many) reasons I love the weekend is the opportunity to enjoy the flurry of activity at our bird feeders.

This weekend’s birdwatching did not disappoint. The boogies and I spotted the usual suspects:


red finches


beautiful red cardinal


mr. robin, hunting for worms

My favorite visitor made numerous appearances:
I adore chickadees. They are so tiny and they dart from point to point with such dexterity. And they take the seeds one by one and then break them open to eat them.
The majority of our feathered visitors are spuncos. Spuncos are the result of sparrows and juncos gettin’ friendly. Look at this little guy.
He kills me with the cute. He has the fat belly, the short, stocky shape and the small head of a junco but the coloring of a sparrow. And he is a petite flower compared to a giant sparrow.

Still not convinced? Here’s a shot of a cutie little spunco on the feeder with a sparrow.
That sparrow is a beast compared to the spunco.

We also had a new visitor this weekend:
This is a downy woodpecker. I’ve never seen him before. I first spotted him on a tree and then he zipped over to the feeder. So exciting!

As you might expect, the flurry of bird activity also resulted in a visit from another familiar face:
Alfie spent the better part of the day cleaning up after everyone. Such a helpful little guy.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I did spend the better part of the weekend staked out in front of the sliding glass door. I drank coffee, loved on the boogies, and took endless pictures of birds. All in all, a pretty fantastic way to spend the weekend.


7 thoughts on “bird watching

  1. Very nice captures of some beautiful birds. It is so much fun to watch them and get pictures. Thanks for sharing yours. Hugs

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