testing her patience

This Easter, Miss Moo was pumped to hunt eggs. She practiced almost every day the week leading up to Easter, and she cleaned up at several egg hunts at day care and friends’ houses.

Easter morning, we all got up with the sun and went to church. After church, we headed out to my parents’ house. My mom had a big wonderful lunch planned, and the plan was to hunt eggs and then chow down.

Moo insisted on riding with Grandma, while her parents ran home to grab their deviled eggs and yummy brownie dessert. My little brother and his wife decided to swing by their house to pick up their dog, Rose.

So we got back to the house and we munched on cantaloupe and watched The Little Mermaid. And we waited.

But there’s only so much patience a little girl can have.
Eventually, Moo found her way downstairs to the sliding glass door, where she had a clear view of the backyard.

The Easter bunny hides all of the eggs in the backyard. Ol’ Eagle Eye didn’t waste any time.
She stood patiently for a few minutes, trying to decide if she wanted to beeline for the garden or go for the eggs on the patio first.

Then, she started to get bold. She turned around, looked at me, and then gave the door a good yank.
Notice the one pink boot outside, and the pointing to the backyard.

At this point, we’d been waiting more than 10 minutes for everyone else to show up. Ten minutes is an eternity to a two-and-a-half-year-old.

It’s also a loooong time to scout for eggs.
Moo can count to 12, and she quickly ran out of fingers as she described for me the secret locations of numerous eggs.

When her mom and dad finally showed up, it was game on.

And they totally ruled the hunt. I’m pretty sure Moo’s secret reconnaissance mission was the difference maker, because once she got out there, girl was on a mission.
That face was worth the wait. And then some.


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