alfie goes rogue

Last night, as I was doing the dishes, I heard a loud thunk. I looked up, thinking perhaps a bird had hit the sliding glass door.

I walked over to see what was going on and found a very intense Mooster.
I went back to doing the dishes, and I heard the same loud thunk. This time, I peeked around the corner and realized Mooster was throwing himself at the door. A moment later, I realized why!
I have no idea how or why Alfie decided to go vertical. There’s nowhere to go. Just…up.

But Papa was fascinated. I don’t think he was hardly even breathing.
He was chattering a mile a minute at Alfie, and that tail was a’twitchin.

Alfie went up and up and up. And then he paused, spread-eagle. And scampered back down.
This went on for another half an hour, with Mooster throwing himself at the door and Alfie going up and down, up and down.

Another thrilling Wednesday night at the Munts.

9 thoughts on “alfie goes rogue

    • They just totally panic and freak out with excitement. It’s hilarious to watch, as long as the door is closed and I’m not worried about them going through the screen. 🙂

  1. How funny!!! I love these pictures you got some terrific shots of all the fun and excitement. Hugs

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  3. Oh, I hate to even think what Katie Isabella wouldda done. She goes stark raving bonkers when anything gets near her space. She is very defensive of her home and screams her whiskers off!

    • Aren’t cats funny like that? Growing up, our cats were super laid back and independent, but the kitties I have now are full of personality and very vocal about things. I love it!

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