easter fun

You may recall that Easter is kind of a big deal in my family. There is church and food and family and more food and there is the hunt.

The hunt gets a little bit crazy, mostly because of my little sister. She’s fierce. When she played high school basketball, she fouled out every game. Every game. In like the second quarter. She’s little but she’s mean. Girl can throw an elbow like nobody’s business.

Every year, she and her husband take the hunt. I don’t know how they do it, but they end up with the most money, the most candy, and the most gift cards. This year, we thought we might have a slight advantage, because she’s 8 months pregnant.
Look at the belly. Gah. LOVE the belly. So much cuteness.

Anyway, I digress. On the drive over, Mr. Phish and I discussed that we might have a shot this year, since she would presumably be just a touch slower. And not really able to bend over.

We were wrong.
Do you see the look on her face? That is smug satisfaction, as eggs are opened and bills are counted.

They killed it. Mr. Phish and I came in a solid third. We had the most eggs but somehow, we had an uncanny knack for finding jelly bean eggs rather than money eggs.
It was sunny but just a touch chilly. I spent a lovely stretch of time sitting on the deck with my dad, just basking in the sun and listening to the birds and the peepers. Miss Moo was prepared for the sunshine.
Um, can you say sassy pants? I cannot get enough of this girl. The feeling is not really mutual.
She only has eyes for Grandma. As long as Grandma’s around, you might as well just give up any hope of a hug or a kiss or holding her hand or even a “hi.” It’s all Grandma, all the time.

I can’t blame her, though. Grandma is pretty dang awesome.

We got home late but it was a fun day.

More pictures this week, plus an update to March Beardness, baby!


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