a chippie sighting!

The last few days have been a feeding frenzy. We have multiple feeders and no one else nearby has feeders, so we attract quite a crowd.

But today was an exciting day. We had our first chippie sighting!!

Our resident chipmunk, Alfie, hibernates all winter. And each spring, I watch and wonder if he made it through the winter. This year, I was especially concerned, as we had such a bitterly cold winter.

Today, look who showed up!
When I filled the feeders this morning, I put out some food for him. Mr. Phish calls this corn/seed mix “roughage.” He’s odd like that. Alfie gobbled it all up.

And then, things got a little tense.
That’s Alfie on the left and Gigantor on the right. Gigantor is an interloper–we don’t see him around much. He and Alfie do not get along. And he is, well, gigantic. You can’t really tell in the photo, but Gigantor is nearly twice the size of Alfie. And he hogs all the food. He’s a chippy bully.

So although, technically, everyone is welcome at the Munt house, we are for Team Alfie.

Alfie and Gigantor hoovered up every last bit of seed and corn on our little patio.



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