feeding the neighborhood

Our snow is melting off bit by bit, but we still have quite a bit on our little concrete patio. This morning when I opened the curtains, I noticed we had had a few visitors last night.
It’s mostly crunchy little birds, but I think we also have a few bunnies passing through. I put out some corn/peanut mix for the bunnies, but the snow covered it, so I don’t think they’ve found it yet.

This evening, I saw a few of the little guys having an evening snack.
I love little juncos. They are so friendly. This guy never bothers with the feeder. He just hops around below, gathering the leftovers from the sparrows.
This beautiful boy kept his distance. He likes to eat later in the day, after the sun has gone down. He was such a vibrant red. I wish the cardinals stopped by more often, but we see them every so often. I keep the safflower seed feeder out just for them, though the finches eat the white seed, too.

Behind him are two big fat doves. They love the white safflower seed and they just park their fluffy behinds on the feeder and go to town. Those two little doves can empty the feeder in record time. But they are still welcome.

And darling Genevieve is in charge of keeping an eye on all of these wild critters…
(shhh…she’s in stealth mode)


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