business woman of the year! (part two)

A quick recap: my mom was honored as business women of the year in her community. She received the award at a fancypants luncheon and was the cutest business woman in the entire room.

Friday night at home can only mean one thing: Bee fish.

Bee, Nebraska is a tiny little speck of a town about 10 minutes from where I grew up. There’s a grain elevator, a post office, and a bar. Lou and Mary Anne’s has been there since the 70s. And in case you didn’t know this, the decor tips you off as soon as you walk in.
Yup. That’s shag carpet. On the walls. All of the walls.

We’ve been going to Bee for fish since I was little. But only on Friday nights. Because Lou only serves fish on Friday nights.
Lou flies the fish in fresh each week and when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s light, flaky, with the most perfect batter. Crispy, with some kick to it. This is fish like you’ve never had before. Let me put it this way: the fish and chips I had in London did not hold a candle to Bee fish. Just sayin’. Bee fish is serious stuff.

So we headed up to Bee to get a table and wait for my parents to get off work.
After everyone showed up, we played pickle cards while we waited for our food. Mr. Phish won $100!
I don’t have a photo of the fish, because we devoured it as soon as it arrived. And then we loaded up to head home for part two of the festivities.

Lulu received a lovely grown-up award at the fancypants luncheon, but we decided we wanted to give her something that would make her laugh. So I ordered her this beauty–it’s every bit as shiny and gaudy as it looks. And I filled the cup with office supplies and her favorite candy. She loved it.
And then we dug in to the final treat of the night.
Ahh, Cheesecake Factory. How we love you. We bought half Snickers and half wild blueberry and no one could decide which was better. Even Moo chowed down on a piece while watching Snow White with Grandpa.
The luncheon was lovely, but the afterparty was every bit as fun. And way more delicious. We’re just not fancypants folks. We’re more at home with a pitcher of cold beer and orange shag carpet on the walls.

Or not.

It was such a fun weekend. And I loved the opportunity to celebrate my mom and her years of hard work.

Congrats, Lulu! So proud of you!!

3 thoughts on “business woman of the year! (part two)

  1. Having lived in Buffalo NY, I know all too well about the Friday Fish Fry. I’m jealous ’cause out here, they have no concept of the tradition. I would kill for a decent Fish Fry……

    • I know! I’ve been to more than my fair share of fish fry outings trying to recapture the magic of Bee fish elsewhere. It simply doesn’t exist. If you’re ever in Nebraska…

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