one more

So you could say I’m a little obsessed with the snow. I love it. I’m such a cold weather girl.

Today, it was blindingly sunny and warmer, which made the roads passable. I ventured out to get the mail.
Two things about this photo: I bought these Sorel boots months ago, when it was blazing hot. I longed for them all last winter but could not justify the $200 price tag. Then one random day in August, I found them on a clearance table. They were left over from last season and I got them for something absurd like 85% off. I love them more than words can convey. The fur just kills me.

Second, the pants. ((sigh)) These pants were an impulse buy at Target. I put them on last week and haven’t taken them off. They are fuzzy and soft and leopard print. All good things. And when you add in Animal from the Muppets, they become downright magical. They’re a bit on the short side but I don’t even care. They are so comfy and wonderful that I’m willing to overlook the length. They are my new favorite. If you run into me any time between now and say, April, expect me to have these on.

So, to sum up. Snow + furry boots + magical pants = one very content Christine.


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