draco to the rescue!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled photographs to bring you…


Yesterday, Des Moines was officially in a blizzard warning, and I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Last winter was so mild that I never actually had to use a shovel. Our ice melt sat untouched. To say it was mild would be a great understatement.

So the blizzard warning seemed a bit excessive.

It snowed a bit last night, and we had our first experience with the bizarreness that is thunder snow. But I went to bed already wondering how much extra time it would take me to get to work in the morning. Overnight, Draco worked his magic. And we woke up to snow. Lots of snow. Lots by Iowa standards, I mean (it’s a far cry from lake effect snow, just sayin’).

And the wind. The wind is howling and snarling and swirling with great force, creating white-out conditions. So I got a snow day!

Mr. Phish already had the day off, so I am thrilled to get to spend a whole day with him.  And in case you were wondering, he is obviously thrilled to spend a whole day with moi.

I’ve already baked three kinds of cookies and I put a roast in for dinner. I love snow days!

I haven’t ventured out with the camera just yet, but I will. It’s just too lovely to ignore.



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