beautiful b&w

Day 4: Black and white

I found this photo tonight and I’m absolutely captivated by it. It’s my mother, long before she was my mother. bw

I’m sure she’ll be horrified that I posted this, but I think she looks enchanting. She was the quintessential California girl. Stick straight blonde hair, big sunglasses, teeny bikini.

I look at this young, young girl and I marvel. She has no idea how heartbreakingly wonderful and hard her life will be. How hard she will laugh and how often she will cry. She’s just a girl. But just a few years after this, she met my dad, and then a few years later, they had a family of four little kids. And then the girl grew up overnight into a mom and a wife and a business owner.

As beautiful as she is here, my mom is even more beautiful today, inside and out.


9 thoughts on “beautiful b&w

  1. Congratulations! It’s a lovely photograph indeed. And with all due respect to your honorable mom, she was quite a beautiful young lady to whom any respectable photographer back then would gladly inmortalize her. The artist really captured her shy beauty. Those eyes seem full of dreams and that timmid smile probably overwhelmed by the camera and most likely pushed by the “Smile!” command from the artist. Of course, I’m just guessing 😉
    I always love to watch these kind of pictures. Especially the black and white ones. They always make me think about the story behind that moment. But that, of course is between the photographer and the model.

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