morning ritual

Day 3: Something you held

I started drinking coffee when I worked as an intern at a small-town newspaper. The office was freezing cold and I drank coffee to stay warm. What can I say? It grew on me.
DSC_0103 (3)


8 thoughts on “morning ritual

  1. I do the same thing to stay warm during the day, especially nowadays when it gets cold during afternoons. In my case it’s mostly beacuse I consider myself a “coffeeholic” I can’t live without my two daily cups of coffee. Well, sometimes it’s three 🙂 Keep that morning ritual up!

      • I know the feeling. I’m from Costa Rica and here the ritual goes back to the grandparents time when they used to filter the coffee through a piece of material (cloth) instead of todays paper filters in coffee makers. At mostly of homes in my country , we do the same even today. For me it’s almost mandatory to open the coffee package and smell the scent before I add the hot water. Even today, most people prefer this way over the coffee maker because they consider it keeps the very essence of the processed fruit.

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