happy thanksgiving

Day 22: Grateful

I’m grateful to spend the day with Mr. Phish eating lots of good food and watching a James Bond marathon, with Genevieve snuggled in on my lap. I’m grateful that after an entire day of cooking. Mr. Phish is on clean-up duty.

I’m grateful for all of the yummy things we ate, none of which I even attempted to photograph. I’ll leave the food photography to the pros–I highly recommend Alton’s green bean casserole, Ree’s sweet potatoes, Ree’s pull apart bread, Food Network cranberry sauce, and Ree’s divine pumpkin cream pie.

And yes, three of the five recipes are Ree’s. What can I say? I adore her. And her recipes rock. Girl can cook.

Happy thanksgiving!


10 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like you had a very nice Thanksgiving…we did too. Love the picture you look so sweet! Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Your cat has a white mustache…amazing.
    Totally got hooked into the Bond marathon – then, we (the fam) went to go see the new one which is really, really good.
    Still mad they replaced Sean Connery, but he’s like 90 now.

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