belated blooms

Day 19: Something awesome

I’ve written about my not-so-green thumb. I don’t have great luck with plants. Case in point: the Christmas cactus.

Every year, I buy at least one gorgeous Christmas cactus in full bloom.

And every year, I end up throwing away a dead Christmas cactus.


You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Every year, I walk into Lowe’s with a sense of great optimism. I spend half an hour circling the display of Christmas cacti, admiring the blooms and carefully choosing one that looks hardy and has a large number of unopened blooms.

And then I bring it home, and from the moment I walk in the door, it starts to fade.

I’ve tried full sun, partial sun, no sun. Plenty of water, very little water. Fertilizer, no fertilizer. Repotting into a larger pot, leaving the plant in its little pot.

Of the 15 plants I have purchased in the last 8 years, two remain. One appears mildly healthy but has never produced a bloom. The other is wilted and gangly and on its last legs.

But then, out of the blue, I see a bud. And then a few days later, a bloom.

And then more blooms. Right now, as I write this, I count six blooms. SIX! It’s nearly more than I can take. Awesome doesn’t even come close.

Maybe there’s hope for my green thumb after all.



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