junk jubilee!

Day 17: The last thing you bought

Today, Mr. Phish and I grabbed a bagel from Panera and headed to the Junk Jubilee Jingle. I am a lover of old things, and the treehugger in me loves to repurpose cool old stuff. I had never heard of this show but was eager to check it out.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was a-ma-zing. Great vendors, tons of people, and lots and lots of really good junk.

Don’t be misled–there is good junk (think funky vintage upcycled stuff) and bad junk (think crappy flea market). This show was full of wonderful junk. Funky, unique pieces in great shape just waiting for a new purpose.

Our space is really limited so I couldn’t get too crazy. But we did come away with this awesome piece:

I suspect it may have started life as a chicken feeder, but it will now have a spot on our mantle. I plan to fill it with greenery, sparkly vintage ornaments and votive candles. Love.

There were so many amazing treasures. Already looking forward to the spring show in April!



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