must haves

Day 10: Can’t (won’t) live without

I’m spoiled. I admit it. But I am officially past the point in my life where I am willing to live without a washer and dryer in my apartment.

For many years, I schlepped my laundry to various and assorted laundromats, dutifully plopped my quarters into slots, and patiently stood watch over my still-drying jeans.

And then I had the good fortune to move into an apartment with a washer/dryer in the unit. And it was heaven.

I did laundry all the time, big loads, small loads. I remember luxuriating in the freedom. It was such a novel idea. I could just throw a load of jeans in, any time I wanted. No waiting, no watching, no quarters!

And then I met Mr. Phish, who wears a new set of clothes every day. I’m of the school that enjoys the nice, soft feel of jeans after a few days of wear. I don’t generate much laundry. Mr. Phish, however, can fill up a laundry basket in two days. I partly blame the overwhelming tire smell of where he works. But part of it is just him.

Since then, a washer/dryer has been on my must-have list. And to this day, I still love the freedom. I still enjoy being able to throw in a load of towels and walking away to do something else.

I suppose I appreciate it more because I spent so many hours sitting in a musty laundromat keeping a close eye on my towels and the slightly sketchy guys lurking by the dryers.

But I’m still so glad that part of my life is over.



4 thoughts on “must haves

  1. When my washing machine broke and I had to wait till the end of the month to get a new one I went to a launderette. The one I went to was lovely, it was a cafe / launderette and it was really friendly and social with comfy sofa’s.I almost enjoyed going there although I would never give up my washing machine!

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