i love my bed

Day 6: A favorite thing

This is my bed. ((sigh)) I love my bed.

This is actually Mr. Phish’s bed. He bought it just before we met, so it is new-ish. It used to be just a regular sort of bed. Comfortable enough. Nothing special.

And then, right before we got married, I made a purchase that changed our sleeping lives forever.

I was at Macy’s shopping some super sale and I was introduced to the magical world of mattress toppers.

A combination of a crazy good sale and a coupon meant that I went home with my very own mattress topper (similar to this one).

Initially, Mr. Phish was not pleased. The topper was a wee bit expensive and he didn’t think it would deliver on its cooling promises (Mr. Phish is a raging inferno of heat when he sleeps). The topper has a cooling pad on top of several inches of memory foam.

But it works. So our bed is now a cool, cushy paradise.

This topper has ruined us, as every other bed we sleep in pales in comparison to our bed. Too hard, too smooshy, too hot. We’re seriously spoiled.

The one downside? It’s even harder to get out of bed in the morning. It’s just so. damn. comfortable.


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