weekend shots

Day 3: Breakfast

This is the boogies’ breakfast stash, which we replenish far more often than my wallet would like.

If you look closely, you will not find any beef. Mr. Phish has somehow deduced that they don’t care for beef. The stinky seafood flavors are the house favorite.

I feel like a bad kitty mommy for feeding them Fancy Feast. But we’ve tried all of the healthy, organic canned foods. And they try to bury them. So we stick with what works.


Day 4: TV

The most important part of TV is the remote. Ours isn’t as complicated as some, but I confess I have no idea what roughly half of those buttons do. One of them probably mutes the volume, but I’ll be danged if I can figure out which one.

Happy weekend, everyone!!


6 thoughts on “weekend shots

  1. Oh my goodness! Bug eats Fancy Feast too! It’s almost embarrassing! But it is the only thing she will eat. “White Chicken Florentine” with dry kibbles sprinkled on top. She won’t eat any other brand or kind and she has to have the sprinkles on top. Go figure!

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