the grass is always greener

Day 23: The view from here

Our little concrete patio isn’t much, but the boogies would be the first to tell you that the view from here stinks. They’d much rather be out there, clucking at crunchy little birds and chasing chippies and munching on lots of green, green grass.

Ah, the hardships of being an inside kitty. Life is so unfair. 🙂



10 thoughts on “the grass is always greener

  1. You two look so cute there looking out the window. It is a shame there are so many dangers outside for a kitty. None of our kitties have been outside since they came here. Only one has ever run out the door and had to be retrieved the other two are perfectly content with staying inside. Hugs and nose kisses

    • They love to be outside but you are right–just too many dangerous situations. Cars, people, critters. We used to have a fenced-in patio and they loved to be outside and roll around and eat grass. Maybe someday we’ll have a nice catio for them so they can safely be outside!

  2. I always call this (pet type) T.V. My dog will lay in front of the sliding glass door and watch the birds and chipmunks eat the seed we lay down for them. Once, we forgot to put some out and while the dog was watching, the chipmunk walked up to the door, rapped it’s paws on the metal in protest and ran off. My dog ran away too. She’s a brave soul 🙂

    • That’s hilarious! The chippies are very bold and will come right up to the screen door and go nose to nose with the cats. The kitties rant and rave and want to be out there, but I’m guessing if we removed the screen door barrier, they would be a lot less brave.

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