too close for comfort

Day 26: Near

Mooster has no sense of personal space. He is always up in somebody’s business. It’s like he doesn’t know how big he is, so he just walks around like he owns the place.

It drives the other cats crazy. Especially Bella, who demands that everyone keep a respectful distance. He will walk right up to her, get in her face, and sniff her ears. This is appalling to Bella, and she growls and hisses like she’s dying. And he just shrugs and saunters off. There are no photos of this, because Bella shrieks and bounds in the other direction, growling the whole way.

Genevieve is endlessly patient with him. She was about three when we got him, and I think Mooster thinks Genevieve is his mama. She cleans his ears and lets him snuggle in to her belly without complaining. When it’s time for bed, he gets as close as he can possibly get:

Every night, he curls right into her belly. And Genevieve cleans his face and signs patiently when he knits into her belly and his loud motor keeps her awake. She makes room for him and his belly just rumbles with love for her. They are two peas in a pod.

Even though he’s a big boy and he acts tough, he’s really a softie. A giant baby in a big ol’ body. He is scared to death of loud noises and greets us at the door every night.

But he has a special connection with Genevieve. Wherever she is, chances are good he’s not far behind.


4 thoughts on “too close for comfort

  1. this. is. PRECIOUS! two of my cats behave similarly with each other. my first cat, kikki (the black and white one) is extremely territorial, so she was pretty mad about us bringing home a little kitten one day (the calico), but now they’re snuggly BFFs who love on each other when they think we aren’t looking. i think kikki came to love the calico because she was just a tiny kitten; she still hates our longhaired cat, who was already grown when we took her in.

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