our odd little boy

Day 16: Strange

I make no secret of the fact that I”m a crazy cat lady. I love my cats. I love them like people, because to me, they are people. They are my family.

And like any family, they have quirky, odd little personalities. I love how different they are and I cherish their goofy little habits that make them unique.

So here’s today’s strangeness: Mooster likes to sleep on dirty towels. Likes isn’t really accurate. He loves dirty towels. I change the towels on Friday nights, and within half an hour, I can expect to see this:

Sometimes, I can’t bring myself to pick them up, because he sleeps there all weekend. I chuckle every time I walk by, because he just conks out.

This weekend, I also pulled the sheets from both beds and when I was done picking up in the bedroom, I found him in the hallway:

Apparently, the only thing better than dirty towels is dirty sheets.

He’s so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t kick him out. So the sheets didn’t get washed until late today. Oh well.

I love our little papa. He’s a naughty boy, but he’s still so very precious to us.



10 thoughts on “our odd little boy

  1. It’s all got to do with the smells. You have used both the towels and sheets and your smell is on them so it’s his way of being near you even when he isn’t actually physically near you. Ours love to lay on our bed all day.

  2. It’s uncanny but your Mooster is the spit of my Ludo. Ludo likes to rolls up in clean washing – especially when he’s wet!

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