coffee snob

Day 15: The first thing you see

Okay, so this isn’t technically the first thing I see in the morning, but things tend to be a bit blurry until I get that first cup.

News flash: I’m a coffee snob. But not in the conventional way. I detest Starbucks. I won’t drink coffee at restaurants. And that stuff they brew at the office? Fuggehdaboutit.

I only like coffee I make at home. Specifically, hazelnut coffee. To be precise: whole bean hazelnut creme coffee by Distant Lands Coffee in Tyler, Texas.

See? Totally snobby.

I have tried every other hazelnut coffee available in the greater Des Moines area. I’ve ordered online, I’ve gone organic, I’ve even tried seasonal flavors. FYI, Dunkin’ Donuts makes a very respectable Mocha Mint for winter.

But nothing compares to my beloved hazelnut creme. I used to be able to buy it locally. At this point, I’m forced to order it directly from the folks in Texas. There’s just one little hitch: shipping.

Shipping is expensive. And it’s a small company, so they never have coupons or free shipping. So then I up my quantity, trying to convince myself that if I order more, the shipping hit hurts less.

Except it doesn’t.

Ah, the things we do for love.


4 thoughts on “coffee snob

  1. Don’t worry it only get’s worse from here. Soon you’ll just want your coffee made in a certain machine, with an unbleached filter, in a specified mug, and any additives (cream,sugar) are carefully measured out… need I go on? Yeah I’m hosed also LOL.

  2. Ahhh, that is the best coffee EVER!! The only time I get to drink it is when I go to my sister’s for a visit. Her sons lives in Texas and he brings those wonderful hazelnut creme beans to her when he visits her. When she and hubby go visit their sons they always buy some too so they never run out. I am sorry you can no longer buy it locally, we have never been able to. Hugs

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