i love the weekend

I know it’s not earth-shattering or unique to say, but frito pie, I love the weekend. More specifically, I love it when Mr. Phish has the weekend off. He works retail, so it’s not all that often that we have two whole days to ourselves. When he does, we fully embrace Christine and Mr. Phish’s Weekend of FUN! (Did anyone get the obscure Friends reference there? Please?)

And it doesn’t hurt that the weather is perfect. 70s, sunny, breezy. Fall is coming, friends. It has to be. As I write this, I’m drinking coffee and snuggling into my fuzzy robe. Ah, fall. How I’ve missed you.

I was so caught up in football last night that I forgot to post. Nebraska lost to UCLA, which was a giant bummer. The defense played well but the offensive line has work to do.

I love college football. Even when they’re not playing well, I love watching Nebraska play. Did I ever tell you that college football is one of the reasons why Mr. Phish fell in love with me? True story. Turns out college football plus chocolate chip cookies is a combo that single men can’t resist. But I digress.

Yesterday was a lovely day–farmer’s market, football, and working around the house. Today promises more of the same–we’re headed to the antique jamboree and tonight is dinner and relaxing on the couch with the boogies. Can’t beat it.

Here’s yesterday’s photo (topic was night):

Not quite night, but close enough. I was busy watching football at night. Priorities, you know?

And today’s photo (topic is something you do every weekend):

Every weekend, I spend as much time as possible with this girl. She’s a lap magnet, so as soon as I sit down, she’s curled up, snoring away. Genevieve is a once-in-a-lifetime cat and I treasure every head bump and scratchy meow from her.

She’s also my favorite boogie to photograph. She’ll pose for me. Jboog knows how to work a camera.

Just for comparison’s sake, this is what happens when I try to photograph Bella:

Miss Isaboogie does not wish to be photographed at this time. Get lost.

I swear to you that one nanosecond before I pressed the button, I had a beautiful shot of her bright green eyes. At the last second, she turned away. She always does. I believe this is called “tortitude,” a word that attempts to capture the tremendous amount of attitude most tortoise shell cats possess. Bella is definitely giving me some tortitude here.

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy your Sunday.

6 thoughts on “i love the weekend

  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!!! I miss my football weekends – with kids now I have to surrender my football addiction most weekends. Smartphones are handy for keeping up-to-date at least 😉

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