my chantelle habit

Day 6: Every day

Way back when I was thinking about starting a blog, I stumbled upon Chantelle’s lovely blog, Fat Mum Slim. I fell in love with her on the spot, and her photo-a-day list gave me the courage to start blogging. I was afraid I would have nothing to say, but that list gave me confidence because it was a road map. A plan. I love plans. So I dove in.

I started her photo-a-day challenge in February. I know there are other photo challenges out there, but there’s something special about Chantelle and her lists.

The lists also made me brave enough to take my camera out into the world and just shoot. Without worrying if I was doing it right. Without fretting that I didn’t know what all the buttons did (still don’t!). Without being an expert in exposure or aperture. I just started taking pictures. Of anything and everything.

I took a lot of good pictures. And some bad ones. And along the way, I fell in love. With photography. With my camera. With myself behind the camera.

The lists are still magic to me, so I keep doing the challenges. So when I saw today’s topic, I knew immediately that I wanted to post about Chantelle and her wonderful blog. That spunky blonde from halfway around the world has totally become part of my every day routine.

I hope someday I can thank her in person. I’ll give her a big ol’ hug and bake her some delicious carmelitas.


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