junk mail

Day 4: In your mailbox

Remember when I said it was lovely to live in Iowa? The sunshine and all of that?

Well, I was lying. Sortof.

You see, Iowa is nice enough most of the time. Great shopping, almost no traffic. The weather leaves a bit to be desired but that’s the midwest for you.

But there are certain times when you do not want to be in Iowa.

Case in point: an election year.

Iowa is a swing state. I’m not new to this phenomenon–Ohio was also a swing state. But Iowa is a whole different ball game.

This arrived in my mailbox today:

That’s right. Mitt Romney found me. It was even addressed to me. Horrifying.

I’m sure it’s because I’m a newly registered Iowa voter. I’m a registered independent, but apparently Mitt thinks he has a shot at my vote.

I actually opened the mailing. I skimmed until I found a method of contact. I went to the website and tried to remove myself from the mailing list. I couldn’t find anything, so I simply sent them a message asking to be removed from the list. Why is there no opt-out button?

And the mailing isn’t the worst of it. TV is no fun anymore. Within the last hour of prime time television, I counted 7 political commercials. It’s obnoxious.

Radio ads, internet ads, direct mail, TV ads. I cannot even fathom the amount of money being spent on Iowa right now. As a resident, I don’t find it useful. I find it annoying. I tune it out. I change the channel, throw the mail into the recycling bin.

And then I wonder. What else could those billions of dollars be spent on? New desks for inner city schools. Money for school lunch programs. Funding for the arts. Lots of things that could actually make a difference for people. TV ads don’t make a difference.

P.S. If you were wondering, I’m planning to Ba-rock the vote. I have never been more proud of a president.


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