birthday goodness, 2nd edition

You’ve waited patiently, so without further ado, I give you Moo’s birthday recap, 2nd edition!

First, the cakes:

The cakes were decorated to match some very cute, very bright plates my sister bought for the party. I think they turned out pretty fun. My brief stint as a cake decorator continues to serve me well. For those of you who are curious, I used a homemade buttercream to ice the cakes. No fondant for this girl.

Look at this grown-up girl. I cannot get over it.

The party was very low-key. Just family, as Moo’s BFF is on vacation and couldn’t come. My sister and her husband had a nice spread of food, including the most delicious, delectable, moist smoked pork I’ve ever had. YUM.

The queen of the day blowing her candle out. And then she dug in. The owl ears were the first to go.

She had a mountain of presents to open, so she had to pace herself. She really enjoyed tearing off tiny pieces. And then handing them to Grandma to throw away. Isn’t her outfit cute? Props to Etsy!

Grandpa was her go-to for opening help. Mr. Phish and I bought Moo a Cabbage Patch doll. They still exist. But they are themed now, and they don’t have yarn hair anymore. Moo got a sporty Cabbage Patch named Aubrey. And she was ecstatic. She danced around Grandpa as he tried to cut Aubrey loose. It took some doing.

Her haul also included a Dora CD player and a CD of songs, the chair seen above, Pretty Ponies, Fridge Phonics (betcha can’t guess who bought her the education toy??), a little wagon/bike thing, and loads of clothes and shoes. Girl got like 7 pairs of shoes. Little kid shoes have gotten super cool. Check these out!

They light up when you walk. For real.

The party wound down and we headed outside to play. Moo practiced saying “CHEESE!” with Grandpa and Grandma. This is probably my favorite photo of the weekend. I love these people beyond words.

And the party ended like all good parties do, with Moo and Grandma rolling down the hill.

I am just so grateful that I’m close enough to be part of these things. Whether it’s ribfest or just helping at the store, getting to see my family on a regular basis is pretty much heaven. I kissed that beautiful baby on the day she was born, and I kissed her on her first birthday. And on her second birthday, my darling Moo gave me a kiss back.

Life is so good.



11 thoughts on “birthday goodness, 2nd edition

  1. Chris, I am so glad you posted this! I heard all about the beautiful cakes so I am glad I got to see them. FYI- you can make me an owl cake anytime! I could just cry that I missed the party….

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