the best chinese food

Day 25: Fresh

I love Chinese food. But I also fear Chinese food. Fortunately, when we moved to Des Moines, a co-worker recommended a place nearby. It was love at first bite.

The sesame chicken is divine. It is everything sesame chicken should be–crispy, light, delicious.

I don’t have a photograph of it because we inhaled it. Sorry peeps.

All I got was this shot, before the chowing down happened:

Rice tastes so much better when it’s fresh. Especially steamed rice, topped with a pile of ooey gooey delicious sesame chicken.



8 thoughts on “the best chinese food

  1. Never had a problem with Chinese food. BUT I have always lived in places where there are large populations of Chinese. I would be more careful in places where there isn’t a large population and just anyone would try to pass off bad Chinese food.

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