a sassy pair

Day 23: Pair

This is my sister, rockin’ a pair of sassy blue skinny jeans and a zebra print scarf.

Look at her. Can you believe that I had to literally force this child into skinny jeans? She refused for years. Years, plural. It took me some time, but I wore her down. She’s just a tiny little petite thing, with a perfect figure for skinny jeans.

And now she’s hooked. We’ve also brought my mom over to the dark side. I’m telling you, friends. Wanna know the secret to skinny jeans? It’s simple: skinny jeans are not just for skinny people. Shocking, right?! I know!

But I digress. I love this pair of jeans on her. Adorable.

And for the record, I love this pair of girls. They’re my favorite.


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