home is where the boogies are

Day 22: Home

The title says it all. Home is wherever I get to see these adorable little faces.

It bears repeating: these cats are not regular cats. They are furry people. They go to bed when we go to bed, eat when we eat, and greet us at the door talking a mile a minute.

Mr. Phish and I tell each other all the time how fortunate we are. They are all rescue kitties, but we are the lucky ones.

We are cat people, through and through, and we would do anything for the boogies. They give me something to look forward to and they always make me smile, even on the hardest, longest days. I am thankful for them every single day, even though I am violently allergic to them. Love conquers all, right?


8 thoughts on “home is where the boogies are

  1. My kitty is SUCH a “person” kitty too! I know exactly what you mean. Like if we have friends over and are up late, she’ll do her best to stay up with us, waiting on the stairs trying to keep her eyes open! Then finally when we’re turning the lights off to go to bed, she’ll look like “seriously… it’s WAY past my bed time.” Usually she’s lights out by 10 pm 🙂

    • I think it’s so funny that some cats are just like that. My parents’ cat is totally independent, does her own thing, ignores them most of the time. But ours are definitely like our little shadows, always wanting to be where we are.

    • I take medication every day, and I’m just aware of keeping them away from my face and washing my hands often. I don’t get all crazy and vacuum every day or anything. Mostly I just accept that I’m going to be sneezy and blow my nose a lot. They’re worth it!

  2. HAH! So I’m not the only one who calls them “boogies”! I have a “boogie-boo” sitting next to me right now…

    Now, if someone would only come up with the cat translator so we could figure out what the heck they’re telling us when we come through the door. I imagine it would be something like ‘food… food….. you’re late…… foood….’ 🙂

    • I think you’re probably about right. Sometimes the Mooster yowls so pitifully, I think he’s saying “I’m dyyyyyyyyyying!! feed me noooooowww!” But they’re still the best boogies. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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