not cool, mr phish

Day 21: Cool

Mr. Phish: Honey, dinner was yummy. I’ll do the dishes.

Me: *stunned silence*

Mr. Phish: What’s the big deal? I can do the dishes.

Me: Um, no arguments from me. Very cool, Mr. Phish.

Mr. Phish: Geez, that’s a lot of dishes. I need some tunes to motivate me.

Me: *rolling eyes*

Mr. Phish: *jamming out while washing dishes* Honey, you should write a post about how cool it is that your husband does the dishes.

Me: I guess I could. It’s a very rare thing, so I should get some photographic evidence.

Mr. Phish: Take a picture of my CD folder.

Me: Oh, okay. *grabs camera and clicks away*

Mr. Phish: *still jamming out* Don’t you love the Dead? Good stuff.

Me: Um, Mr. Phish, why is your wedding ring not attached to your hand?

Mr. Phish: Duh. Because I’m washing dishes. It feels weird when you get water under the ring. That’s why I take it off in the shower, too. I don’t like how it feels.

Me: Not cool, Mr. Phish. NOT COOL.


6 thoughts on “not cool, mr phish

  1. How long have you two been married? I don’t even sleep in my wedding ring. My hands swell at night and it’s uncomfortable. But believe me, ring or not, I am still married and I bet Mr. Phish is too! Who would not want to be married to you!? (speaking strictly as if I were a guy).

    • We’re almost through year three of being married, year eight of being together. But it still drives me batty when I find the ring on the counter, in the sink, on the couch, under the table…

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