always room for ribs

Day 16: Food

This past weekend, we traveled to Nebraska to help my parents with the never-ending store move. The big things are in place and the store is functional, but now we’re left to ferry everything from the old basement to the new basement. Boxes, papers, old fixtures, extra merchandise. They’ve been filling up that basement for 35 years. You name it, it’s probably in that basement. Christmas tree? Yup. Old light bulbs? Sure. Baby clothes? Absolutely. Ketchup? Yessir.

As a happy coincidence, last weekend was also Ribfest in Lincoln. So we packed up and headed west, again.

I could tell you that we planned on going to help and it just so happened that we also had the chance to eat some delicious ribs, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. We were on the fence about going and then my dad called and mentioned Ribfest. I’m not ashamed to admit that we were motivated by ribs. Sometimes, the truth isn’t pretty. But it was delicious.

My family is serious about ribs. In years past, my parents have actually attended Ribfest every day. They have been known to work until 7pm and then drive the 30 minutes into Lincoln just to eat ribs.

That’s my beautiful niece on the left. I’m not going to get all sappy and wistful, but I held that child the day she was born. Gah. Moo was perfectly content to stroll around Ribfest with my niece and Grandma. My three favorite blue-eyed girls.

Moo enjoyed some roasted sweet corn. And when I say ‘some’ I mean two and a half ears.

My gorgeous sister and my gorgeous niece. It’s exhausting to be surrounded by such beautiful people all the time.

One batch of ribs. Here’s how we roll at Ribfest: We divide and conquer. Everyone goes to stand in line at a different place, because you want to try all of the ribs. Then we all return to the table and spread everything out and you just chow down. And then you argue about which ribs were the best. I have several photos of said chowing down, but I doubt my family would be too pleased if I shared them.

Just as the chowing down was starting, the skies opened up. Moo and Grandma were over at the Nebraska Lottery booth and they won an umbrella. Moo was pretty proud of herself.

Mr. Phish got cozy with my mom, but only after he was thoroughly drenched.

Eventually, the rain let up and we ventured out from under the tents. Moo helped my brother clean up. Because, you know, eating ribs is messy business.

Nothing goes with ribs like funnel cake. I didn’t get any of this. I did get one small nibble of the fried Oreo in the background. That’s what happens when you decide to take pictures instead of eating.

We ended the night with scratch-off tickets. My mom loves to buy them in huge handfuls and then just pass them out to everyone. That’s my brother from Colorado in the hat. The gorgeous blond child is his. Actually, my brother-in-law (in the orange) also has a gorgeous blond child. Never mind.

My amazing parents. Sorry about the giant red traffic light behind your head, Mom. I’m too lazy to Photoshop it out. They’re smiling because all four of their darling children attended Ribfest. Or because they just really love ribs. Probably both.

It was an exhausting weekend of moving and working, but the chance to go to Ribfest with my entire family still nearly makes me giddy. For so many years, I missed out on these everyday, no-big-deal things because I was in another time zone. So even though the three-plus hours driving back were brutal, it’s still just so much fun to be able to hop in the car and be there. These ordinary Saturday nights are every bit as precious to me as major holidays and events. Even if I get to see them 15 times a year for the next 50 years, Saturday nights like this will forever be extraordinary.


10 thoughts on “always room for ribs

  1. What a terrific post. You have a beautiful family. Those ribs made my mouth water. lol Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Hugs

  2. Now I want some roasted corn on the cob and ribs….

    Your niece is so adorable. I love the look on her face while cleaning her uncle’s face. Priceless

    Hope the never ending store move has finally ended, or did the Ribfest cause “some” distraction 🙂 😉

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