another reason to stay on the couch

Day 1: Outside

Hello August! Can’t believe you’re here, but I’m awfully glad, because we’re that much closer to October. Ahhhhh, the magical month of October. Let it be here soon.

Today it was 99 degrees here. Sure, it’s better than 105. But it’s still miserable. I know it’s sacrilege to speak harshly of summer. I know there are good things about summer, like the state fair and popsicles and toenails painted hot pink. But frito pie, I am done with this heat.

And just in case I needed another reason to skip outside:

I love the Olympics. It is television perfection. I laugh, I cry, I hold my breath. I am captivated by every landing, every stroke, every story. I *heart* Missy Franklin. Ryan Lochte’s abs make me giggle. The gymnastic teams tried my patience and then brought tears to my eyes. Kerry Walsh and Misty May remind me what it looks like to be fierce. I lose track of time, staying up hours past my normal bedtime because I cannot tear myself away from it.

I watch too much television, and I try to avoid coming home from work and just parking on the couch. But not tonight. Or last night. Or tomorrow. For the next however many days (seven? ten? four? I should know), you can find me here, with a boogie on my lap. Cheering and crying and loving every single minute of the Olympics.


3 thoughts on “another reason to stay on the couch

  1. Christine you are so adorable! While I am trying to literally figure out something for the photo challenge of the day you are off and writing! I knew I would be inspired if I came to see how you handled it!

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