she never misses a meal

Day 18: Plate

This is a shot of Genevieve’s clean plate this evening:

We take meal time veeeeeery seriously around here. The boogies eat better than most people–three meals a day, plus snacks. They’re spoiled, but they are all rescue kitties who endured various types of abuse and neglect before they found their way to us. They had hard lives, particularly Genevieve, so they pretty much get whatever they want now. They deserve all of it and more.


6 thoughts on “she never misses a meal

    • Thanks. It was the random name given her at the rescue shelter and it suits her perfectly. I think the curly whiskers make her look very aristocratic.

    • Spoiling is all relative. I feel like it’s our duty to make it up to them, like, sorry the first part of your life sucked so bad. Here’s some treats and a comfy bed! Our vet buys it every time. 🙂

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