feeling it

Day 16: Sign

I met with my super-fantastic-amazing podiatrist today (for real, you guys, this woman is the bomb diggity of podiatrists). She told me I’m one tough cookie, which made me giggle. I guess crutches and refills on pain meds are for wusses. Just sayin.

I got my huge (and hugely fashionable) walking boot today and after a trip to the grocery store and a “quick” trip to return a few things at Target, I can’t stop wondering when did it become so stinkin’ exhausting to walk? Also, why are little kids so fascinated by people in walking boots? In my hour out and about, I bet I had five kids ask me if I broke my leg. I smiled and thanked my lucky stars that I could answer no.

This is a sign that I did too much today. Note to self, I need to elevate this puppy at work.


6 thoughts on “feeling it

  1. Happy you got to get out awhile but don’t over-do. Keep healing and we are hoping you are all well and good as new very soon. Hugs

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