Before we dive right back into photo-a-day, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes. The surgery was just as my awesome podiatrist promised–no big deal. I was very lucky, as I had the combination of pain pills, ginger ale, and my amazing mother on my side. I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: In foot surgery, as in the rest of life, my mother is my secret weapon.

Crutches are awful but I get a walking boot Monday. I’ll be sporting that lovely accessory for six weeks, but my wise sister assures me that the walking boot will be cake. We’ll see.

One other note: Several of you have been kind enough to nominate me for a number of blogging awards, and I’m working on a thank-you post. Please be patient and know that I’m grateful and appreciative of the recognition.

Now, back to the task at hand.

Day 14: Building

I love everything about this building. The bright red sign, the green awning, the gorgeous brick.


4 thoughts on “uneventful

  1. Yaaay! I am so glad you are back! Selfishly, of course! I need the inspiration. Your Sister is right, the walking boot is a wonderful thing! Especially compared to a cast! So glad to see you getting back to being you!

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