sweet smoke

Day 8: Lunch

Today, I had a big ol’ to-do list in preparation for my foot surgery this week. Cleaning, laundry, blah blah blah.

After a leisurely morning of reading the paper and drinking coffee, I decided to blow off my to-do list. I’m crazy like that.

I convinced Mr. Phish we should head to Ames to visit Reiman Gardens again. We were there awhile back to see the amazing Lego sculptures. Today, the gardens were hosting an art fair. I couldn’t resist. I love craft shows. Love them.

So we headed north and spent a few hours ambling around, admiring crafty wonderfulness and just being together. I found some wonderful treasures–handmade stuff is really just the best ever. The show was great–nothing mass-produced or chintzy. Just really beautiful stuff from actual artists. I highly recommend it.

As we wandered around, Mr. Phish spotted the lone food stand selling, as luck would have it, barbecue. We love bbq anything, so we immediately got in line. It was just one dude in a baseball cap doing it all–slicing the tenderloin, assembling the baskets, scooping the sides, taking your money, and pouring the lemonade. So it was a sloooow line.

But once we had our sandwiches in hand, we found a bench in the shade and chowed down.

The meat had an intense smoky flavor and the sauce was a little spicy for me (although it was the mild version). We finished it off with an ice-cold lemonade.

Art + crafts + barbecue = a great day!


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