my not-so-green thumb

Day 7: Garden

I love to grow things.

But I’m not so good at growing things.

Every year, I try. I buy a big bag of potting soil and I fill a cart with a bunch of bright flowers. Every year, I fill the pots and water and fertilize. And every year, things die.

Sometimes it’s bugs. Sometimes it’s fungus. Or mold. Sometimes the heat from the pavement is just too intense and the plants fry.

I can grow geraniums. But not much else.

This is unfair, because my parents excel at growing things. They are master gardeners in training. My mom’s christmas cacti will bring tears to your eyes. My dad’s vegetables rival those at any county fair.

When I nearly kill a plant, my mom will take it and nurse it back to health. She still has a philodendron from college. When it went to her, it was one, sad, spindly arm with a handful of leaves. Now, it covers the tops of her cupboards and is climbing up to the ceiling.

I used to try to grow christmas cactus. Every year, I bought a new one, and every year, it died.

I’ve tried squash, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, and assorted herbs. This year, I fell in love with a beautiful rhubarb plant and for a few weeks, it was doing great. And then the leaves fell off. All of them. Now it’s just a bare bulb and I don’t think there’s much hope.

My mom tries to reassure me that it’s a light issue. As in, this apartment doesn’t get enough. I think it’s just me.

But because I am eternally optimistic, I keep trying. We have a little concrete patio, so I filled it up with pots of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s what’s in my little garden this summer:

This is my beloved Susan Komen geranium. It’s dang near the only thing I can keep alive, so I buy one every year. The little purple things were supposed to spill over the sides but the bunnies really like them so they didn’t make it.

The bucket is our old ice cream bucket. Growing up, we used to make homemade ice cream, and when the motor finally crapped out last year, we bought my parents a new ice cream maker (same company, same style). As a surprise for me, my very thoughtful dad saved this, drilled a few drainage holes, and filled it with rocks. He gave it to me during a visit home. I’m not going to lie. I cried. I’m sentimental like that.

Something orange, something red, and more of the purple flowers that the bunnies like to munch on.

African daisies. They were lovely the day I planted them but haven’t done much since.

This is my favorite purchase of the year. It’s a candy corn plant. Though I planted it months ago, it still looks about like this. Not much growth. But I still love it.

I bought the moss roses because they like heat and they are hard to kill. I planted them my ceramic strawberry pot and they seem to really like it.

The chippies are also big fans of the strawberry pot. I love the chippies but they have been bad news bears for the plants. They are excavators. But the boogies love them, so it’s all good.

Not pictured are the lovely hydrangea we planted last summer that has really taken off, a hibiscus that my mom gave us at Easter, and the forlorn rhubarb plant. Plus a bird bath, two bird feeders, and our patio set.

Now if only this ridiculous heat would end and we actually stand to be outside enjoying our patio. Ugh. Is it October yet?




9 thoughts on “my not-so-green thumb

  1. Well, it looks to me like your thumb is plenty green all those plants are beautiful. I don’t have a lot of luck with many plants either so I stick with petunias and merigolds they grow for me but the squirrels eat them and dig in the pots. You just keep planting I really enjoyed your beautiful flowers. Hugs

    • Thanks! They aren’t looking quite as great these days, but I blame the heat. Those darn squirrels are trouble–we fight with the chippies too, but I can’t get too mad because they’re so cute!

      • They are cute and I enjoy watching them unless they are in my plants. Chancy is good to chase them out but they have learned to get in them now when Chancy is inside.

  2. Your flowers look beautiful! I bet that you are having a cool day today. It was only 86 here at noon – about 15 degrees cooler than it has been.

    • Thanks! They didn’t do so well in the heat, but they are hanging on. It was still in the 90s today–I wouldn’t call that cool but it’s better than 100+. Glad you finally got a break from the heat.

  3. It looks like this year you are having some success. Enjoy the green. I wish we were having such success. I blogged about our battle with the lawn. The brown team always wins.

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