a golden oldie

Day 6: Chair

I am not an antiques person. My personal style is more modern with a dash of eclectic vintage. You heard me right. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did just totally make that up. But that’s me.

So when my dear Aunt Candy offered me a rocking chair, I was hesitant. She has a house full of gorgeous antiques and she’s a true collector. She used to go to estate sales and find the most amazing treasures. As a kid, I remember visiting her house and admiring the beautiful old things. I specifically remember a beautiful violin that I was afraid to touch. It was weathered and well-loved but still so lovely.

My dad showed up with the rocking chair during a visit a few months back. And as soon as I laid eyes on it, it was love.

It’s perfect. It fits me just right–not too short, not too tall. The back is just tall enough for me to rest my head back.

Best of all, it has the most charming creak when you rock. Sometimes, late at night I rock back and forth, back and forth, and listen to the chair tell me its secrets.

It’s old. My dad asked my aunt about the chair’s history, and she traced it back through our family more than 100 years. A century. It blows my mind.

The chair shows its age in all the right ways. The wood is soft to the touch, and the arms are worn smooth. The arms are the best part, after the creak.

I treasure this chair. It’s my favorite chair. Ever. I feel honored to have it, and grateful that my dear aunt shared this piece of our family with me.

And Genevieve thinks it’s pretty comfy too.


6 thoughts on “a golden oldie

  1. A beautiful piece of furniture and a beautiful cat too. I love the older furniture. Hugs and nose kisses

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