husker proud

Day 18: Something you don’t know about me

I love football.

Not professional football. Egad, no. Bo-ring. And who do you cheer for? Too much ego and not enough fun.

No, I’m talking about college football.

More specifically, Nebraska football.

I realize this is probably not a shocking revelation, considering that I grew up a mere 18 miles from the University of Nebraska. True story–almost everyone in Nebraska is a football fan, mostly because there’s not much else to cheer for.

No professional sports teams + no in-state collegiate rivalries = a state united.

I grew up going to football games. My grandpa had season tickets, which are now my dad’s. These aren’t your average nosebleed, back-of-the-bus seats. We’re talking 10 rows up on the 30-yard line. That’s right. 10 rows up from the field.

To this day, there are very few things I love more than football Saturdays. I love watching the games, though the national commentators suck pretty bad. I’m talking to you, Brett Musburger. So I usually mute the TV and listen to the radio guys. The game always sounds better as told by familiar voices.

For many years, I lived in a different athletic conference (and time zone), which meant that Husker games were never on TV (stupid Buckeyes!). In college, I used to put on my Husker gear, grab my Walkman, and go sit outside under a big tree in the center of campus (the reception was better outdoors).

A few years later, when I had a car, I drove to various bars around Minneapolis (and later Columbus, Syracuse, and Cleveland) to watch the games. At one point, I have been a proud, loud member of Minnesotans for Nebraska, Ohioans for Nebraska, and New Yorkers for Nebraska. There are alumni groups in every state, so no matter where you are, there’s a decent chance you are within driving distance of someone who knows Tom Osborne and loves option football.

Football is one of the things that brought Mr. Phish and I together. After three years of dating, we brought him into the inner circle.

He used to cheer for Miami but he’s a full-blown Husker now. It was only a matter of time.

I love the strategy of football, the team dynamics, the moment of anticipation when everyone’s on the line of scrimmage and you hold your breath waiting for the snap.

I’ve talked about how much I enjoy being closer to my family and how nice Iowa is, but one of the main reasons I love living here is that I get to go to football games again. Last year, we went to the Ohio State game and cheered ourselves hoarse. It was heaven.

All of the people I work with are Hawkeye and Cyclone fans. During football season, I wear a Husker shirt every Friday. In a company of almost 80 people, I am the lone Husker. I am my own Sea of Red.

My dad is my favorite person to watch football with. He is the epitome of patience, and he never snickers or rolls his eyes when I ask questions. I ask a lot of questions about schemes and formations and penalties. Every single thing I know about football, I learned from my amazing father.

I love Nebraska football. It’s in my blood, in my family. It’s home to me. As long as I live, I will wear red on Saturdays and sing “There is no place like Nebraska” at the top of my lungs.



12 thoughts on “husker proud

  1. You know I have never got the hang of Football and if I called it what I started to “American Football” you can probably tell I never will, but you have to respect a sport like Baseball that has the following of more or less one nation but believes it is of world importance tee hee.

    I love your “Beat Iowa” tshirt but am puzzled, is it an Iowa ‘supporters’ tshirt because it seems either to be giving instructions to the opposition or issuing a challenge!

    Have a great day.


    The Cat

    • Last year was the first year that Nebraska joined the Big 10 conference and they are trying to create a rivalry between NE and Iowa. But it’s not much of a rivalry because we beat the pulp out of them nearly every time we play them. So the shirts (which also came in yellow and said “Beat Nebraska”) were an attempt to fuel the rivalry that no one cares about. 🙂

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