crafty confessions

Day 14: Time

I am a crafter. I made stuff. Lots of stuff. I’ll try to make almost anything, unless it involves sewing very straight lines, in which case, I’m out.

For several Christmases in grad school, I made the Christmas presents. No one complained, but I stuck to sure bets like giant fleecy blankets and baked goods.

The current version of my life does not allow much time for craftiness, and I’m working to change that. As I look around my little apartment and take stock of the handcrafted goodies that surround me, I am reminded how much I love making things.

It brings me incredible joy to take a pile of bits and bobs and create something beautiful or functional or cool.

Oh scallop-edge craft scissors, how I’ve missed you. Gingham ribbon and colorful paper, you’ve both gotten even more lovely in my absence. My dear black Sharpies, I’ve missed your crisp swooping lines on the page.

This pile of goodies means that tonight is craft time at casa de Christine.

I’ll pop back with pictures this weekend!



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