a quick trim

Day 12: From a low angle

Notice anything especially cool about this lawn mower?

It’s made entirely out of LEGOS!!

(No, I’m not shouting. It really is all caps. FOR REAL!)

A few weekends back, Mr. Phish and I headed up to Reiman Gardens in Ames to see this super awesome installation of LEGO sculptures. Mr. Phish loves LEGOs. I love art and botanical gardens. So everyone was happy.

You can read more about the collection here, including the super-interesting story of the artist, who is one of only nine certified LEGO builders in the world. Photos here.

The lawn mower was Mr. Phish’s favorite. Mine was this amazing butterfly:

But the life-size fox was pretty awesome…

..as was the rabbit he was hunting.

The yellow finches were high on the list…

..but then again, that buffalo made of 50,000+ LEGOs was pretty rad.

That hummingbird was a feat of engineering…

…but you know I can’t resist a cute froggy (ribbit!).

Obviously, the LEGO sculptures are amazing. And the gardens were equally amazing. The sculptures are there until the end of October and I can’t wait to go back.


9 thoughts on “a quick trim

  1. Love, Love, Love. Wonder how long it took them to build each piece. I am tired just thinking of it. We have a lego display around here of a rugged looking life-size Formula 1 type car. Next time I am around it, I should take a picture and share with you

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